Branding and logo design for PopLush Embroidery.
I created a brand identity for PopLush Embroidery that speaks to their most valuable customers—tattooed bookworms and roller derby skaters. It incorporates clear logotype, a bold color palette, and quirky graphics. The deep connection between brand and fan is emphasized by the 77% increase in returning customer rate after the rebrand.

I then designed the product packaging for PopLush Embroidery’s embroidery kits. My design takes advantage of the transparent properties of poly bags to reassure customers that everything they need is in the package. The packaging unfolds to teach basic embroidery stitches and has clear infographics and instructions that puts beginners at ease. The kits receive nothing other than glowing reviews from customers whether it was their first project or their fiftieth.
Text Logo from hand-drawn font
Packaging design
Custom branded thank you cards 
Wholesale line-sheet design
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