I am Jeffrey Opp
I am a photographer and conceptual artist who now works in the design space. I view art and design as flip sides of the same coin and have discovered many commonalties in my approach to art or design projects. I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree from San José State University in San José, California. I currently reside and work near Portland, Oregon. I am an avid cyclist and love spending time in the forests.
What I like to do
Create design that deeply connects with its core audience.
My design work is tongue-in-cheek and rebellious, but also clear, precise and even educational. My work is conceptually driven and aims to deliver a complete experience. I strive to make things as simple and accessible as possible.
I reduce the complex to its most essential and enjoyable elements. I dive deeply into research and incorporate it with other influences to create a completely new experience.
About my process
My process begins with research, both visual to understand what has been done before, and with studying the core audience through interviews or surveys. I am a strong believer in empathy in design; I seek to see and understand things through the customer’s eyes. And in turn, I want users to recognize part of themselves in the design.
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