Hi, I’m Jeffrey—a design freak.
I’m infatuated with the technicalities of typography, the coolness of color, and the greatness of grids. I utilize design processes to improve everything from marketing to products to strategy. I design with the primary user at the center of all design decisions and work to extend solutions to all users. I am most successful when users recognize part of themselves in the design.

I originally trained as a photographer and Conceptual Artist I have earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from San José State University. I now work in the design space where I use design to customer-centered strategies to thrill customers at every step of the user journey and fuel strong customer-brand relationships.

I currently reside and work near Portland, Oregon. I am an avid cyclist who loves road cycling and gravel riding. I love spending time in the forests hiking, camping, and exploring. I also practice jujutsu and have recently earned the rank of Shodan from the American Jujitsu Association.

What I like to do
Create design work that deeply connects with its core audience.
My design work is tongue-in-cheek, rebellious, clear, precise, and even educational. I count form as a function and strive for aesthetically pleasing work. My work is research-based conceptually driven and aims to deliver a complete experience. I strive to make things as simple and accessible as possible.

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