User Experience DEsign

Cre8tiv app and website

My role:
Lead UX Designer
Project goal:
Construct an app that gives adults time to play creatively and prompts to help them learn and practice being creative. Then add a companion website with an onboarding and signup feature.
Target audience:
Adults who feel they who feel like they missed out on a chance to be creative.
Key challenge:
Making an app that is fun and approachable that encourages people to play creatively.
Research study details:
I conducted user interviews with adults in different stages of their lives. I inquired about their thoughts on creativity. I asked if they thought they were creative, if they thought creativity could be learned, and what they would do if they were more creative. I also asked about how they might go about becoming more creative and what it would take for them to become more creative.
I then looked at other apps that help people learn to do things like meditation to see how they approach getting people into a daily practice.

User personas

  • Tina
    "I really enjoy craft fairs and art museums and I would love to be as creative as the makers that I see because I think it will help me solve problems at work."
    Age: 28
    Education: College graduate
    Hometown: Tacoma, WA
    Family: Single with son
    Occupation: HR Speacialist
    • Get a promotion at work
    • Write a book
    • Feel more creative
    • Time consuming classes
    • Son demands too much time
    • Not given much chance to be creative when growing up
    Tina works as a HR Specialist and spends evenings and weekends with friends who all take their kids to craft fairs and art museums. She really enjoys seeing the creative work and wishes she could be that creative. She is also a bit jealous of her young son who seems naturally creative. She wishes her parents would have encouraged her to be creative when she was growing up. Tina realizes the value in creativity and want to become more creative at work because she believes it would help her solve problems and craft solutions that would make her job easier and help her get a promotion.

  • William
    "Due to my career as a mail carrier, I don't feel like I ever got a chance to be creative. Maybe it's not too late to start."
    Age: 66
    Education: Some college
    Hometown: St. Paul, MN
    Family: Wife, children, grand children
    Occupation: Retired
    • Keep learning new things as l age.
    • Learn to paint and write poetry.
    • More meaningful play-time with grand child.
    • Feeling mentally slow and uncreative.
    • Doesn't like going to in-person classes.
    • Repetitive, menial tasks.
    Bill worked as a mail carrier all his life. He started young because he needed a job so that he could get married. After decades of delivering mail around numerous routes around St. Paul he was able to retire. He didn't have any major plans for retirement but loves taking trips and gardening. He always wondered what it would have been like to go to college and study art, poetry, or film anything creative really. He never got the chance in his working life to try creative pursuits. He now wonders if it is too late to learn how to be creative. He is motivated to try some sort of program that would help him learn to be creative. He really wants to make play-time with his grand daughter more meaningful and help encourage her creativity.
Initial Concepts
  • Home screen should provide a daily challenge and suggest other content for the user.
  • Daily challenge highlights a different type of challenge each day.
  • Challenges contain prompts that can be changed.
  • Users should be allowed to set a daily or weekly goal according to how much time they want to spend.
  • A motivation prompt pops up with answers the user's own motivations to remind the user why they want to be creative.


User testing results

  • Users had difficulty distinguishing types of content
  • It wasn't clear that users need to press start timer button
  • Users were unsure about how to approach prompts in challenge
  • Back arrow navigation lead users to an unexpected location
  • Users found the motivation prompt confusing.

Final polished designs

Main user flow

Next steps
  • The largest task is content creation. There needs to be a new prompt in the daily challenge every day. Plus, the other challenges should have alternative prompts. Also, a collection of articles and tips needs to be added.
  • Another user flow should be created to show how the prompts in the challenges can be changed. Then this flow should be usability tested.
  • The motivations collected at onboarding should also go into a new user flow that shows how those motivations come back when a user doesn’t meet their weekly goal. This new user flow also should be user tested.
I learned that people have differing views on whether creativity can be learned or if it is only innate. Reports seem to indicate that it can be learned by anyone at any age. I found building an app that looks bright and fun difficult and I compromised on text legibility in places to keep the app and it’s companion website bright and fun.
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